Joseph Prince- Your Every Blessing is Found in Jesus

Here is my summary of a sermon by Joseph Prince. The sermon is called “Your Every Blessing is Found in Jesus”; I hope you enjoy my summary!

We only watched a little bit of the sermon, but here is what I got from it. He started by saying that our righteousness is in Jesus; we don’t have to strive for it or work to get it, instead we just have to receive Jesus and He will give us His righteousness!
Then he said that Jesus is our inheritance, and he used the Levites as an example. The Lord had told the Levites that He would be their inheritance, they wouldn’t get any of the land or anything like that, instead He would be their inheritance; in essence everything He had they had.
Then Pastor Prince said that Jesus is our rest; instead of trying to do everything ourselves we should just rest in Him. He granted us rest from working for our salvation, because He gave it to us when He died for us on the cross.

So that is what I got from the sermon, and I enjoyed it very much!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland


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