The Prodigal Son Part 2- Older Brother

Hello, today the Pastor preached on Luke 15:25-31.
This time he talked about the older brother, who thought it was unfair that the younger brother who had gone off and squandered his father’s wealth, should get his own party with a fattened calf. So the brother became angry, and his heart was hard.

We are like the younger brother; we went off and squandered all that God had given us. We didn’t deserve to be called His son, but God sent His only son to die in our place. We can now be called His son.

But we must be careful not to act like the older brother, especially once we accept Jesus as our savior and we become the sons and daughters of God. At times it might be easy to look down upon those who are in a position that we used to be in; we might start to ridicule them and say that they aren’t worthy of the Father’s love. That is true; but we aren’t worthy of the Father’s love either! In fact no one, on their own, is worthy of God’s love, but because of Jesus’ sacrifice we are now made children of God! Praise the Lord!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland,
Peace and love, Joy Cleveland


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