The Rage of the King, and Keeping the Commandments

Hello, today my sister and I are doing our pot together on Proverbs 19:12 and 16 which say:

“A king’s rage is like the roar of a lion,
but his favor is like dew on the grass.”

“16 Whoever keeps commandments keeps their life,
but whoever shows contempt for their ways will die.”

Verse 12 says that the rage of a king is like a lion, while his favor is like dew on grass. His favor is sweet, and his rage is bitter. No one wants to get on the wrong side of a king, but everyone wants to please him.

This also goes for God, because God is the king of kings. No one wants to get on the wrong side of God. But in reality, we cannot get “on the wrong side of God”. God already took His rage out on someone else. He put His wrath on His own son! He sent Jesus to take on all of our sin, and then put Him to death because of it.

Because of what Jesus has done, we now have God’s favor. 1 John 3:1 says:

“See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are. The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him.”

We are now in favor with God, as His children. We should help others to see what Christ has done for us on the Cross, so that they, too, can be children of God.

Verse 16 tells us that whoever keeps commandments keep their life, but whoever is contemptuous towards them will die. It may seem simple just to keep commandments and live, but it is not. Us humans have flesh, and we sin, but if we want to keep the commandments we cannot sin. Because of our sin we could not have life.

You might think that we are doomed to die and live eternity in hell, but you are wrong. We would have not received life, and we would have died with God’s wrath on us. We would have; except for the fact that God loved us sinful humans so much that He sent His son as a sacrifice for us. Just like in the Old Testament when the Israelites offered sacrifices as an atonement for sin; Jesus came as a sacrifice to atone for our sin! The only difference: Jesus atones for all sin; past, present, and future!

Because of Jesus we have received life, and He received the punishment that we deserved. He died on a cross to save us! However, our hope is alive because Jesus rose from the grave on the third day! Jesus, our living hope, has given us life and an eternity with Him in heaven!

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland and,
Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland



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