The Sermon: Have you Repented?

Hello again! Today’s sermon was preached from Luke 13:1-9. The pastor had an important question: have you repented? He said that often we make excuses to prove our repentance, such as: “I’ve been baptized” or “I’m a member of the church” and I read my Bible and pray”. These are only ways that we are fooled that we have repented, but the real way to tell is if you don’t have any part of your life that you are unwilling to submit to God. Of course repentance is a life time thing, and we will never have repented for the last time until we die, but this is the way to tell if you truly have repented.

Sometimes you may have a part of your life in your sin, and you think God doesn’t care because, after all, He hasn’t disciplined me yet. But no matter whether He does discipline you; you will have to account for your actions in heaven. And without Jesus and His sacrifice; you will have no excuse when you are before God. You cannot go before God and tell Him all of the good things you’ve done, all that you have done is just as dirty rags to God! But you can go before God and say that Jesus is your refuge, He is what you will bring before God!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland



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