A Reason to Praise God

Hello, my sister and I are doing our post together in Psalm 148:1 which says:

“Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord from the heavens;
praise him in the heights above.”

David is telling everyone and everything to praise God. He said that God had made everything, so everything should praise God. David did have reasons to praise God. God had blessed him, and helped him.

But David didn’t have the biggest reason to praise God. Later, there would be a much better reason to praise God. God would do something so loving, and so kind, that we would want to praise Him all the more.

You see, we couldn’t possibly appease God’s wrath. We were sinners, and we had God’s wrath on us because of that. But God loved us so much that He provided a perfect substitute who would take that wrath away from us! God provided a sacrifice who would give us righteousness, and who would take our sins away!

God gave us Jesus, His son, who would come down to earth and atone for our sins! Jesus died on a cross for our sins, and now we can live in peace with God!

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland and,
Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland



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