A Pure Priest

Hello again! Today I am doing a post on Malachi 2:6 which says:

“True instruction was in his mouth and nothing false was found on his lips. He walked with me in peace and uprightness, and turned many from sin.”

This passage is a warning to the priests because they were not honoring God. Then in verse 6 the Lord is talking about Levi, and the Lord says that Levi didn’t lie and that He walked with God. In essence the Lord is calling Him perfect, but we know that no man is perfect! Why did God call Levi perfect? He was not only warning the priests that they should start acting more like Levi; He was also pointing forward to one who was perfect.

God is pointing forward to one who would live a perfect life. Why would God point forward to this perfect person? Because God sent that perfect person to earth to atone for all us non-perfect people! God sent His son, Jesus, as an atonement for our sins! Jesus died for us on a cross with our sins on Him so that we might live! Jesus did turn people away from sin, and He saved us from our sin!

This, however, also has a practical application. Today all believers are called a “royal priesthood” which means we have a responsibility. Because we are Christians and we know the fact that Jesus died to save us; we should share that news with others! This responsibility is greater on pastors because they are preaching to their congregation, but all Christians have it! We should share the good news of the Gospel!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland





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