The Sermon

Today the pastor preached on Luke 12:1-12. Because I can’t remember much about the sermon (we went on a little trip before we came home) I’m going to post his 6 points, which should give you an idea on what he was talking about.

1. Because we know God’s truth we fear no false teacher. V 1

2. Because we walk in God’s truth we fear no exposure. V 2

3. Because we are free in Christ we fear no judgment. V 4,5

4. Because we are valued by God we seek comfort in no other place. V 6,7

5. Because we have experienced God’s redemption we speak openly about Him. V 8-10

6. Because we trust God we have confidence he will provide in time of need. V 11,12

Then he says: Faithful allegiance to God will produce confidence in the face of opposition!

In an age of tolerance be stubbornly, single-minded in your commitment to God.

Be not deceived God will not be mocked whatever we sow, we will reap!

If God is for us who can stand against us!

I hope this is enough to help you understand what he was talking about!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland

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