Clothes, or Faith

Hello, today my sister and I are doing a post together on Haggai 2:12-13 which says:

“If someone carries consecrated meat in the fold of their garment, and that fold touches some bread or stew, some wine, olive oil or other food, does it become consecrated?’”
The priests answered, “No.”
13 Then Haggai said, “If a person defiled by contact with a dead body touches one of these things, does it become defiled?”
“Yes,” the priests replied, “it becomes defiled.””

From these verses it is clear that if a fold of garment holds consecrated meat, and then bread or any other food touches that garment, then the food is still not consecrated. However, if a person is defiled from touching a dead body and he or she touches any food then the food does become defiled. So we see that it is easier to become defiled than it is consecrated: when you have gardening gloves on, and you are pulling weeds, the dirt does not become “glovey” and clean, but instead, the glove becomes dirty.

The same went for us, because we sinned we were defiled in God’s sight and we were under God’s wrath; it doesn’t matter if we touch some “holy” food or clothing.Yet we are no longer under God’s wrath, and it wasn’t anything we did. God put His wrath on Jesus, so He didn’t have to put His wrath on us. Jesus sacrificed Himself on the cross for us!

Now, you might be wondering, “If touching clothing doesn’t heal us, then how was the woman in Luke 8 healed by touching Jesus’ robe?” The only reason she was healed was for her faith; Jesus said to her, “Your faith has healed you,” not “Because you touched my robe, now you are healed.”

Jesus sacrificed His own life to make us clean. When Jesus touches us, we are made clean; He took our sin, and our unholiness, and He gave us His holiness.

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland and,
Peace and love, Joy Cleveland



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