Sermon: The Sign of Jonah

Today the pastor preached the Gospel (Yay)! He was preaching from Luke 11:29-32; where Jesus says that “this wicked and perverse nation” would not have any signs except for the sign of Jonah.

This was a sign because Jonah, who was “in the grave” (in the belly of a big fish) for 3 days, and then on the 3rd day Jonah “came back to life” (the big fish spat him out). This is a picture of how Jesus died and was buried for 3 days, and how Jesus was brought back to life on the 3rd day!

That is the basic version of the Gospel from the sign of Jonah, of course the pastor showed us more and wasn’t as brief as I was, but this is just the summary.

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland


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