The Sermon

Hello again! Today we heard another Gospel sermon! I’m so happy to have gotten a good spiritual meal! So here is my summary of the sermon:

He preached from Luke 10:27-37 where Jesus tells the rich young ruler about the Good Samaritan. The pastor said that many commentaries said that this was a disciplinary passage, however this is not a disciplinary passage. The rich young ruler wasn’t a disciple of Jesus so it couldn’t be a disciplinary passage!

The pastor said that the rich young ruler thought that he could somehow work his way into heaven, but Jesus said that you had to have more righteousness than the Pharisees. Which means you have to be perfect, and all humans are flawed and cannot be perfect on their own. The pastor said that the only way to be saved and to have life or get inheritance from God was to trust in Jesus and Jesus alone!

Praise the Lord that we had such a wonderful sermon today; I hope you had a great sermon today too!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland


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