A Crown of Seaweed

God’s word for me today is in Jonah 2:5 which says:

“The engulfing waters threatened me,[a]
the deep surrounded me;
seaweed was wrapped around my head.”

Jonah is crying out to God to save him; which would take a lot of faith concerning the fact that he is stuck in the belly of a big fish. But how is Jonah a picture of Christ in this passage? The seaweed “crown” that Jonah wore is a picture of Jesus!

How? If you remember, Jesus wore a crown of thorns around his head, and Jonah’s Seaweed crown is a picture of that. The crown of thorns that Jesus wore around His head were a symbol that He had taken the curse upon Himself and off of us. Thorns are a picture of the curse because thorns came when God put the curse on this earth, and Jesus took that off of us and onto Himself.

Jonah also says that the “engulfing waters” threatened him, and Jesus was in the same situation. Only, the waters that engulfed Jesus were the waters of God’s wrath. And the “deep” that surrounded Jesus was God’s judgment on our sins which were on Jesus. But, unlike Jonah, Jesus was not saved from the cross; He bore it for us.

What I find interesting is that Jonah is crying out to God for salvation, after God “provided” the fish to swallow him. And God provides salvation by causing the fish to spit Jonah out; also something that Jonah didn’t have in mind when he said pleaded for salvation!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland


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