Sniffing in Contempt

God’s word for me today is in Malachi 1:12 which says:

12 “But you profane it by saying, ‘The Lord’s table is defiled,’ and, ‘Its food is contemptible.’”

The Israelites were being prideful which, of course, is a picture of how we are prideful. They said that the Lord’s table was defiled and its food was contemptible, in another verse it even describes them as “sniffing” at the Lord and His sacrifices. The Lord is a great King (the Kind of kings!) and He tells the Israelites this because they were sinning like this.

Many people do this today without knowing it. They don’t accuse the Lord’s table of being defiled or its food contemptible because we don’t offer sacrifices anymore. But in a way, they are accusing God’s sacrifice to be contemptible, they are saying that the sacrifice offered to take away their sins is contemptible. They “make small” God’s offering and instead focus on what we are to do. To put it clearly, many people (especially pastors) will make the Gospel small and add it as an ending note (if that), and instead focus on “you should do this” and “you should do that”, they are profaning God’s sacrifice!

But in order to understand how they are profaning God’s sacrifice, we need to know what God’s sacrifice is. We need to know what the Gospel is, then we can look for it and not make it small or profane it. The Gospel, quite plainly, is that God sent His son to die for us in order that we might live and be free from God’s wrath. We know that the Gospel is the main point of ever passage in the Bible because if you look, you can see it in every passage!

Many pastors whose eyes have not been opened to the amazing wonder of the Gospel will bring out what we are to do or some other doctrine that they try and find in the passage. Many times it is close to the truth, or even a good teaching that you could get out of the passage. The problem is that they make the side note the main point, and the main point the side note.

God gave His son as a sacrifice; instead of the food on the table as one of the sacrifices like the Israelites had, it is Jesus who is the new sacrifice and the only sacrifice. So when you not show the Gospel that Jesus died for our sins, then you are profaning God’s sacrifice.

Jesus died to save us, that is the main point!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland


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