Flowing to all Countries

God’s word for me today is in Zechariah 14:8 which says:

On that day living water will flow out from Jerusalem, half of it east to the Dead Sea and half of it west to the Mediterranean Sea, in summer and in winter.”

We know that this points forward to Jesus as the living water (John 4), and how He was our living water through His death on the cross. We know that this is a picture of how Jesus would die for us with our sins on Him so that we could live. And we know that the Gospel is the main point of the passage, and I want to show you how the Gospel applies to everyone.

The verse tells us that the living water would flower out from Jerusalem, to the Dead Sea and Mediterranean Sea; the Living water would spread all over the world. The Living Water is Jesus and what He did for us, the Gospel would spread throughout the world! Which means that every person can be saved, Jew or Gentile. Now anyone can be one of God’s children, because He loved the world so much that He died for us!

But how is the Gospel going to spread if we (God’s people) aren’t going to spread it? As Christians we should really want to spread the amazing news that God died for sinners. If you can think back to the time when you realized that you could be saved from your sin, then you would really want to spread the news. And even if you can’t, the Gospel is very Good news and we do want to spread it.

It is such good news that even those who are not physical Jews can become the Children of God! Spread the news!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland


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