A Fountain among Israel

God’s word for me today is in Zechariah 13:1 (and 5, but I will bring that up later) which says:

““On that day a fountain will be opened to the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, to cleanse them from sin and impurity.”

This is a clear picture of the Gospel, the inhabitants of Jerusalem would be cleansed from their sin and impurity. Just like how, through the death of our savior Jesus (the son of God and God Himself) cleansed us from our sin and impurity. Jesus is our fountain of living water, and when He died for us He cleansed us from all of our sins and impurity.

John 4 is the passage about the woman at the well, Jesus told her that He had water that would satisfy her completely and eternally. Jesus was talking about a spiritual water that would completely satisfy her, and it can completely satisfy us too. When Jesus died for us He atoned for our sins, He is the living water that completely satisfies us!

Now, Zechariah 13:5 says:

“Each will say, ‘I am not a prophet. I am a farmer; the land has been my livelihood since my youth.[a]’”

I chose this not because it specifically points to the Gospel (but if you do see the Gospel in it please tell me!) but because it fits some pastors that we’ve listened to. One (in his sermon) told us that he had wanted to be a lawyer, but then He was “called” to be a pastor. However he had not been blessed with the realization of the Gospel, so we could see that he was not called to be a pastor. Some of the prophets, says the Lord through Zechariah, would say “I am a farmer; the land has been my livelihood since my youth.” So please, examine what you are preaching or teaching and make sure that you do have the Gospel as the main point, thank you.

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland


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