The Sermon

Today we listened to Alistair Begg preach, and he preached from Isaiah 9. He was contrasting God’s kingdom to the kingdoms of the world. He said that God is our:

1. Prince of Peace, and that people of the earth want peace. Jesus brought us peace through His death on the cross.

2. Everlasting Father, and the title speaks for itself. God is our father, and we became His children through Jesus who gave us the right to become sons and daughters of God.

3. Mighty God, God is a mighty God. He can do as He pleases and no one can hold Him back, but He is also mighty to save like He did when His son (Jesus, who is also God) died for us.

4. Wonderful Counselor, God is our counselor and He comforts us.

Alistair said that God’s kingdom is not temporal or local, meaning that it is everlasting, and that it has no boundary to a certain area (like Israel for instance).

So now that we know what God’s kingdom is (it is not local or temporal), and now that we know how God rules (prince of peace, everlasting father, mighty God, wonderful counselor etc.), we need to find out how to become a part of His kingdom. In order to be a citizen of God you need to submit to God; you need to humble yourself and submit to Jesus, our savior.

That is my summary of the sermon, and I hope you enjoyed!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland


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