Darkness and Light

Today’s sermon was from Isaiah 9, talking about the darkness and the light. The pastor’s 5 points were:

1. Oppression. The pastor got point 1 from Isaiah 8:22, which says

22 Then they will look toward the earth and see only distress and darkness and fearful gloom, and they will be thrust into utter darkness.” (NIV)

The pastor said that people always look to earth for answers; they go to darkness in order to find the light. The pastor said that Darkness is the backdrop for Isaiah 9, Isaiah starts out by talking about darkness.

2. Illumination. The pastor said that zeal for the Lord will bring the light; it will illuminate the world. If we have zeal for the Lord then we will bring His light into the earth.

3. Celebration. Point 3 is from Isaiah 9:3 which says:

You have enlarged the nation
    and increased their joy;
they rejoice before you
    as people rejoice at the harvest,
as warriors rejoice
    when dividing the plunder.”

The pastor said that Revelation 7 (which talks about rejoicing and celebration) points to Isaiah 9:3. He said that all of the nations were blessed because of the Gospel (that Jesus died for our sins on a cross).

4. Liberation. Liberation is from Isaiah 9:4 which says:

For as in the day of Midian’s defeat,
    you have shattered
the yoke that burdens them,
    the bar across their shoulders,
    the rod of their oppressor.”

The pastor said that these people would have known what it was like to have a burden on them; a bar across their shoulders. But we have a spiritual burden of wrong-doings on our shoulders; we have a spiritual bar of sin on us. And that was lifted from us when Jesus took it upon Himself at the cross. Jesus took that off of us, He lifted our burden of sin and it was crucified with Jesus at the cross.

5. Incarnation. Jesus is the “incarnation” of all of these points.

I hope you enjoyed!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland

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