The Sermon!

Hello again everyone! I am pleased to report that we finally heard the Gospel today at church! Finally! Granted, it wasn’t exactly filled with the Gospel in every point but I’m not complaining. So long as he got the Gospel I’m fine! The Pastor preached from Luke 2:25-38 which talks about how Mary and Joseph took Jesus to Simeon the Priest. The Holy Spirit revealed to Simeon that this baby, Jesus, was going to be the Messiah. Then Simeon blessed Mary and Joseph, telling them that Jesus would be the rise and fall of many and that a sword would pierce “your” heart too.” It doesn’t sound like much of a blessing but it does point forward to the Gospel!

When Simeon says “a sword would pierce your heart too” he seems to be indicating that a sword would pierce Jesus’ heart. It doesn’t seem much like something that a mother would like to hear about her 8-day-old baby but it is something that brings peace and life to the whole entire world! How? Because Jesus would grow up, live a perfect life, and then die on a cross as a sacrifice! Because Jesus really is God’s son and because God sent Him to atone for the whole entire world, He brings peace and life to us!

We were all sinners, no doubt about it. But Jesus came down from His kingdom, took our sins upon Himself and died for us on a cross! We were separated from God because of our sins, but Jesus removed our sins from us so that we are now God’s children! If you believe in Jesus as your savior then you will become a child of God! Jesus’ heart was pierced by a soldier on the cross, when Simeon says “a sword will pierce your heart too” it points forward to that moment when the sword was pierced into Jesus’ heart. Even though the soldier had not been commanded to do it, God made Him do it!

Praise the Lord! And thankfully the pastor did preach the Gospel today, I’m not sure exactly what is going to happen but I’m glad that we were fed today!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland

8 thoughts on “The Sermon!

    • That’s great 74 Chevelle! We just moved to Sequim a few months ago and have been searching for a Gospel church for awhile now, please pray that we will find one! Hopefully the church we visited today will be a Gospel church!

      • I hope that for you, too! More churches need to get back to the gospel and the truths. Too many out there getting all fancy and wishy-washy w/what they believe and teach!

      • Tell me about it! What’s awful is that a lot of churches that we’ve been to either tell you to do something in order to be saved or they tell you to make some sort of choice. Lord-willingly more churches will realize that we are saved through the death and Resurrection of Christ Jesus!

  1. I had a view just now.


    here comes a guy named Jesus

    He lived a perfect life. He was also a very good teacher.

    we expect Him then to teach us “how to live a perfect life”

    everybody looks up to Him.

    then suddenly, He was accused of a crime punishable by maximum death penalty

    now, nailed to the cross

    suddenly, our perspective of Him changes.

    “wait a minute, is He the lamb of God who takes away my sins?”

    then we realized, Jesus was born to die. and that all our sins, has been taken into His account

    – grace and peace

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