Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving yesterday! Today God’s word for me is in Zephaniah 3:7 which says:

Of Jerusalem I thought,
‘Surely you will fear me
and accept correction!’
Then her place of refuge[a] would not be destroyed,
nor all my punishments come upon[b] her.
But they were still eager
to act corruptly in all they did.”

All of the nations had followed other gods, they had thought of the true God as just one of Israel’s gods. Here it says that God “thought” that Israel would still fear Him, that Israel would still obey Him. Then at least Israel’s place of refuge wouldn’t be destroyed. But no, they were eager to act corruptly in everything. That is a lot like people today, they might be eager to act corruptly and then their place of refuge is destroyed.

For instance, a lot of people today think that money is everything. Instead of “In God we trust” today it’s more like “In money we trust” because if you have money then you can get a lot of things. But when people think like that, and have money as an idol (thus sinning), God destroy’s their place of refuge. Why does He do this? Because He takes pleasure in taking away what people trust in? No, that’s not the answer. The real answer is this: God takes away the only thing that they trust in so that they can realize that the only thing they should trust in is God.

Why should we trust in God? After all, He’s the one who is taking away the only thing we trust in, right? The reason that we should trust in God is that we will die if we don’t. We are all sinners, having money as an idol is sinning, so we need to die. But God, who his loving and just, sent His son to take the punishment of our sins. God is showed us amazing proof that He loves us by sending His son to die for us!

So even though it may not feel very good to have the only thing that we trust in (whether its money, family, work, play etc.) taken away from us, it’s only so that we can realize how amazing and good and loving God is. It’s only so that we realize how God sent His son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. It’s only so that we can be saved!

Please, trust in Jesus so that you can be saved. Jesus died for you and me so that we can live, why don’t you trust in Him and live?

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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