Hello everyone! I’d like to start out by saying that I’m very thankful for all of those veterans who risked their lives for us! If you are a veteran then thank you for being brave and fighting for our country!

Now that I’ve done that God’s word for me today is in Zephaniah 2:12 which says:

12 “You Cushites,[a] too,
will be slain by my sword.”

Again the Lord is just, that’s the reason that He is telling the Cushites that He would slay them. But why isn’t He only merciful and not just at all?

Here is the answer: if you were to say that God is only merciful and not just at all it would be like saying that a judge should only be merciful and not just at all! A judge’s purpose is to be just, God is just because He is fair when it comes to sin. It is a part of Him, God is just.

But we can’t fall of off on the other side by saying that God is only just and not merciful at all. If we said that we might as well say that a dad is only supposed to just and not loving or merciful! In fact we can prove that God is merciful! Here’s the proof: He sent His one and only son to die for sinners on a cross! That is the main point of the Bible, it’s the Gospel! God is merciful and just.

In fact not only is the Gospel amazing proof that God is merciful, but it is also proof that God is just! How? Well we were sinners, but we live because our sins were put onto Jesus on the cross! This is proof that God is just because He punished His son for sins that we did, it was as if He had done those sins (although He didn’t)!

God is just and merciful, the Gospel is amazing proof of both! Jesus died for our sins, He was punished for us, praise the Lord!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


2 thoughts on “Slain

  1. $”God is just and merciful”


    God cannot forgive and forget without punishing.

    Today, God punished our sins in Jesus. therefore God has forgiven and forgotten our sins.

    we have no right, whatsoever to condemn ourselves of our sins
    neither we do have right to remind God our sins, for God is a just God

    God’s love sent for Jesus.
    God’s justice punished all our sins at the cross.

    if God, decides to punish us for our sins yet again, then God is not Just.
    but no, God is just and He didn’t miss any sin.

    – grace and peace

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