Hi everyone! God’s word for me today is in Zephaniah 2:10 which says:

10 This is what they will get in return for their pride,
for insulting and mocking
the people of the Lord Almighty.”

Maybe Moab and Ammon (those are the people who God (through Zephaniah) is talking about) didn’t understand that mocking and insulting the one who is Omnipotent and Omnipresent would make him punish them. They most-likely didn’t even believe in God, so why would God punish someone who didn’t even believe in Him? Isn’t that like punishing some guy in the desert who hasn’t even heard of God? I thought God was a loving God, why would He do this then? I’m going (to try) to give you the answers to those questions.

The first question is why God would punish someone (like some guy in the desert) who didn’t even believe in Him. Here is my answer: In our hearts we all know that some idol on a pedestal, or “evolution” couldn’t have created such a perfect world for us to live in. So no we didn’t come from monkeys, or intergalactic goop. So really we all feel as though there has to be a God, but there is more. Moab and Ammon knew that Israel’s God was powerful, much more powerful than their gods who did absolutely nothing, so they had proof. Here is a third reason, God is just. God punishes those who deserve punishing, and Ammon and Moab deserved punishing.

The second question was if God is a loving God, why would he punish someone. This is my answer: God is a loving God, but at the same time He is a just God. Like I said before, God will punish those who deserve to be punished; God is just.

But why do people say that God is loving? What kind of evidence do we have that God is loving. I mean sure He put us on this earth but is it just to punish us for our wrong doings? The answer is no, let me tell you something that God did to show us that He loves us.

We’ve established that we are sinners and that God punishes sinners. But God has grace and mercy on sinners too. He had grace and mercy and love enough to send His son (who is also God) to die for sinners (which we all are) on a cross! Read that again, God had grace and mercy and love enough to send His son to die for sinners on a cross! Isn’t that love in extent, isn’t that an amazing display of love? Isn’t that beautiful?

God punished Jesus who hadn’t deserved to be punished until He took our sins on Him. God pardoned us who didn’t deserve to be pardoned, we still don’t but God still pardoned us because our sins are on Jesus! Praise the Lord!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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