Can it be?

Today the pastor did preach the Gospel! However, I’m not sure if that is his main message. So I don’t know what we’re going to do, but I am going to post what the pastor said.

So he started out by saying that communion (we took communion today) what about forgiveness and grace. He said sometimes he needed more forgiveness then other times. He said that he was so glad that Jesus came down and died on a cross for us! Jesus said that He loves us “this much” and stretched out his arms on the cross!

We are forgiven because Jesus came down from heaven to die for us, we live because Jesus paid the price for our sins! Praise the Lord!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


2 thoughts on “Can it be?

  1. God forgave all sin. all past present and future sins!

    no – more forgiveness, less forgiveness.

    no piecemeal forgiveness.!

    the communion is a remembrance of what Jesus has done, which is the total forgiveness of sin through the blood and body of Jesus. amen

    – grace and peace

    • I think that he meant sometimes he sins more than he does on other days. Sometimes he needs to ask the Lord forgiveness for more sins on one day then on the next.

      Regardless, we are forgiven and we can rejoice in that! We have been saved, praise the Lord!

      Thank you for your thoughts, Charity.

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