The Remnant

God’s word for me today is in Zephaniah 2:7 which says:

That land will belong
to the remnant of the people of Judah;
there they will find pasture.
In the evening they will lie down
in the houses of Ashkelon.
The Lord their God will care for them;
he will restore their fortunes.”[a]

The “Remnant of Judah” would be saved. But does that mean that all of us who aren’t the physical Israel won’t be saved? No, that is not true. Let me explain how we can be saved. Some of us are not the physical Judah, but if you are a Christian then you are the Spiritual Judah! What’s the difference? Well not everyone can be a physical remnant of Judah, but we can be a Spiritual remnant of Judah, anyone who accepts Jesus as their savior is the spiritual remnant of Judah.

So how exactly is Christ our savior? He is our savior because He died on a cross for us! No, it doesn’t appear like a saving act, but let’s see who Jesus is and why He died on a cross for us. You see, Jesus was not just a man. Yes He did become man but at the same time He was and is fully God! In fact He came down from His throne in heaven (to obey His Father and because He loved us) to become a man and save us even though we were His enemies!

Now we’ve established who Jesus is: the son of God and God Himself. Let’s establish why He died for us and what we were saved from. We were sinners, and as you saw in Zephaniah, we were going to be destroyed. Only God’s children or people could live and be saved. How did Jesus dying save us? Jesus gave us the right to be the children of God when He died for us!

12 Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.” (NIV John 1:12)

Jesus died for us because He loved us, He died for us on the cross so that we could live. Jesus loved us so much that He died and rose again on the third day! We are the children of God because of Jesus!

So if you haven’t trusted in Jesus, then why don’t you trust in Him because He died for you? He loves you, that why He died for you, why don’t you trust and love Him?

Praise the Lord!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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