The Sermon: Revised Again

Today the pastor did preach the Gospel, however it was not his main message, also for other reasons we are not going to be going to that church again.

The pastor preached on Galatians 5, his main message was that we should serve others. The pastor used the illustration of a cake, he said that we should give our cake to give someone their daily bread.

Jesus served us in an amazing way, He gave His all for us! He served us by coming down from heaven, taking the sins of the world on Him, and dying for us on the cross so that we could live!

We live because Jesus gave up His all for us. Now we should give our all to serving Him by sharing the Gospel with others and giving Him the glory because He died for us!

Praise the Lord that we are saved from our sins because Jesus died for us!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


5 thoughts on “The Sermon: Revised Again

  1. wow..

    Galatians 5 is about justification by faith not the Law
    therefore we walk by the Spirit. we walk in Faith and
    Not by the Flesh, which is the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

    I am amazed how the gospel turned into the cake 🙂 yummy

    – grace and peace

    • Well actually he didn’t turn the Gospel into a cake. What he did was use a coconut cake, gross :), and say that we all have a “cake”. We all have talent or touch, time or treasure, he said we should give those things to others. We should serve them by giving them some of those things, he said that some of us have frosting on our cake and some of us have decoration on our frosting. Anyway it was lacking Gospel, he did mention the Gospel but not a lot and his main message was about serving others.

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