Nothing can Heal you?

God’s word for me today is in Nahum 3:19 which says:

19 Nothing can heal you;
your wound is fatal.
All who hear the news about you
clap their hands at your fall,
for who has not felt
your endless cruelty?

This passage was called “woe to Ninevah” after “Ninevah to fall” so first it talks about how Ninevah was going to fall and then talks about how woeful Ninevah should be. Shouldn’t we be woeful too? After all we were just like Ninevah, we were sinners and we were going to die because of our sins! We were going to die with God’s wrath on us and go to hell. In fact all unbeliever still are. But Christians aren’t!

How? Because the only perfect being in heaven and earth and all the universe, died for us! Who was that? Jesus! Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God are three in one so they are a trinity. At the same time Jesus is God’s son, but He is still God. Anyway Jesus came down from heaven, took our sins on Him, and died for sinners on a cross! Now if we believe in Jesus and trust in Him as our savior, then we will be saved from our sins and God’s wrath because He took those on Him when He died for us!

Like I said before unbelievers still have their sins and God’s wrath on them because they have not trusted in Jesus as their savior. But if you are an unbeliever you can trust in Jesus and live! Jesus actually loved us so much that He came down from heaven, took on flesh, and died on a cross as if He had done all the sins that the whole world has done! He took on the sins of the world, past, present and future! Why don’t you trust in Him as your savior?

Because of Jesus’ sacrifice we live! Because He gave His life for us we are saved! But our hope is still alive because after three days in the grave, Jesus rose up out of it! Then after He appeared to many people, He ascended into heaven! Jesus died for us as our savior, now we can give the Gospel to others! We should share the Gospel with everyone, believers and unbelievers, so that they can be encouraged and trust in Jesus. Believers need the Gospel because that is how we live, we are encouraged by the news of the Gospel, even if we have heard a million times! Unbelievers need the Gospel so that they can live, so that they can trust in Jesus and be saved!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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