None Faithful

God’s word for me today is in Micah 7:2 which says:

The faithful have been swept from the land;
not one upright person remains.
Everyone lies in wait to shed blood;
they hunt each other with nets”

Micah is saying that the faithful were gone, the upright people were gone. People were waiting to shed blood, they were hunting each other! Micah is mourning because no one who is upright or faithful was in the land. But in verse 7 he says that he was trusting in the Lord, He was waiting on God. Micah knew that God would hear him.

Really no one is faithful or upright. No human is truly righteous or holy. No one born of a man and woman is pure. We were all evil, we were all going to die because of our sins. But then someone who is holy and pure did come. His name is Jesus, He is God’s son and He died for our sins on the cross so that we could live! We are saved from our sins because Jesus died for us on the cross. God’s son loved us so much that He came down from heaven, took our sins on Him, and died for us on the cross!

Now we are saved because the only upright and righteous one died for us on the cross! He loved us so much that He died for us! We should share that good news! We are saved, we should share the Gospel with unbelievers so that they can be saved too! We no longer lie in wait to shed blood, we should wait to share the news of the one who had His blood shed for us! Jesus loved us so much that He died for us, we should share His love with unbelievers!

We are saved, we live because of Jesus’ sacrifice! We were going to be destroyed because of our sins but Jesus died for us, He took our punishment so that we wouldn’t have to! Praise the Lord for loving us so much that we live! Thank You Jesus for dying for our sins on the cross! Praise the Lord!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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