All Sinners

Hi, God’s word for me today is in Amos 9:10 which says:

“10 All the sinners among my people
    will die by the sword,
all those who say,
    ‘Disaster will not overtake or meet us.’”

All sinners will die! It’s the truth, even the Lord’s people would die because they were sinners. We were sinners too and because of that we were going to die with our sins and God’s wrath on us. We were going to be destroyed because of our sins, even God’s people were going to die by the sword because they were sinners. Even though they said that disaster would not overtake them or meet them.

But we were saved from our sins! How? Jesus, the son of God, came down from heaven and died for us on the cross! Jesus loved us so much that, even though He Himself didn’t sin, He took the punishment for our sins. He took our sins on us and He suffered as if He was a sinner. He did that so that we could live! He died for us sinners so that we would not have God’s wrath on us! Now when God looks on us He sees the blood of His son.

Now we are God’s people, and we have been saved from our sins! If you have not trusted in Jesus then why don’t you do it now? Jesus died for us so that we could live! Why don’t you believe in Jesus and live? We would have died with God’s wrath on us but now we live and we have the blessing of eternal life! Jesus loved us enough to die for you, why don’t you trust in Him? Jesus died on a criminals cross to save us from our sins, that is how much He loves us!

Thank You Jesus for dying for us on the cross! Praise the Lord that we have been saved from our sins. We were sinners and we were going to die for our sins but Jesus died for us, in our place! Thank You Jesus!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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