Going into Exile

Hi, God’s word for me today is in Amos 7:11 which says:

11 For this is what Amos is saying:

“‘Jeroboam will die by the sword,
    and Israel will surely go into exile,
    away from their native land.’”

Amos is prophesying that the king of Israel at the time, Jeroboam, would die by the sword and that all Israel would go into exile. Israel was going to be destroyed, even though Amos pleaded with God to let Israel live, Israel had completely rejected God. Because of that Israel was going to go into exile, they had turned to a physical king just like the nations around them and because of that they would go into exile.

We went to physical things as our rock too. Instead of turning to God we turned away from Him and to the world. Because of that we were going to be destroyed. The little pebble we were holding onto, was crushed and we had nowhere to turn, we were going to be destroyed. But then a rock came along and we can hold on to Him! That rock is Jesus who died for us on the cross! We were going to be destroyed because of our sins but Jesus came and took our sins on Him, then He died for us on the cross! Jesus is the son of God (and God Himself) and we can trust in Him and cling to Him as our rock!

Jesus is our rock and He is the only thing we can trust in. If you have not trusted in Jesus then why don’t you? Jesus died for us and now we can live! Jesus is our savior, He is our rock and if you haven’t trusted in Him then why don’t you? The world offers temporary pebbles that will be destroyed, but Jesus is the rock that we can hold onto!

Thank You Jesus for being our rock. Thank You Jesus for being our sacrifice on the cross so that we can live. Praise God that our pebbles were destroyed so that we can hold on to Jesus. The things we held onto at first were destroyed and now we can hold onto Jesus, even if we were not happy that or “pebbles” were destroyed it was so that we could cling to Jesus as our rock. Thank the Lord that we are saved from our sins because Jesus actually died for us! Thank You Jesus!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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