They Do not Know How to do Right!

Hi, God’s word for me today is in Amos 3:10 which says:

10 “They do not know how to do right, ” declares the Lord,
“who store up in their fortresses
what they have plundered and looted.”

The people that God had chosen, the Jews, did not know how to do right. We also did not know how to do right. Though you may say that you obey the law and that you are a good person, you are truly not. No one is a good person on their own, you are only a good person if you never sin and we all sin. Every normal human being sins, without help no one is perfect. God requires us to be perfect, or else we will die with our sins on us.

That is the bad news, but there is the Gospel, or good news! The Gospel is that Jesus came down from heaven, took our sins on Him and died for us on the cross! Jesus loved us so much that He came and took the punishment for our sins on the cross so that we could live. Jesus is perfect, and He gave us His perfection so when God looks at us He sees His perfect son Jesus.

If you have not trusted in Jesus then why don’t you? We do not know how to be right on our own, we can’t live perfectly without help, but Jesus did and He died for us as our sacrifice. If you trust in Him then you will be saved from your sins, Jesus died so that we could live. No normal human can live perfectly on their own, but if you believe in Jesus then you will live. Jesus lived right all of His life, then He died as if He was the worst criminal because He had all of our sins on Him.

Unbelievers are trying to get the most out of this world. They do all the things that they can enjoy in this world because they believe it is their only life. They store up everything they can in this world so that they can enjoy it, but as Christians we do not want to do that. Yes we can still enjoy things but we do not do it as the world does. They do not live for Christ like we do, as Christians we should follow Christ and we know that there is something much better for us in heaven. We do not live as the world does, we should pray and ask God to help us stay focused on Jesus and the Gospel.

Praise God that Jesus died for us and now we are saved from our sins!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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