Spiritual Blessings and Material Blessings

Hi, God’s word for me today is in Romans 15:26-27 which says:

26 For Macedonia and Achaia were pleased to make a contribution for the poor among the Lord’s people in Jerusalem. 27 They were pleased to do it, and indeed they owe it to them. For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews’ spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them their material blessings.”

Macedonia and Achaia had made a contribution to the poor Jews in Jerusalem. Paul says that they were pleased to do it and that they were right to do that because the Gentiles had shared in the spiritual blessings that the Jews’ had. Macedonia and Achaia had benefited from the blessings of the Jews’ and then Macedonia and Achaia had shared their blessings with the Jews. The Jews had a spiritual blessing which the Gentiles shared in and the Gentiles had a material blessing which the Jews shared in.

What was the spiritual blessing that the Jews had? It was the Word of God, the Bible and becoming the children of God. The Gentiles could have never been saved and gone to heaven if we had not received the Bible and Jesus’ sacrifice! Jesus died for us on the cross so that we could live, we were not God’s people and we would never have been saved if Jesus had not died for us on the cross. We share in the blessing that the Jews have, we are the children of God because He died for us!

If you have not accepted Jesus’ sacrifice then why don’t you trust in Jesus? Jesus came down from heaven to die for sinners, not even the Jews would live because they rejected Jesus’ sacrifice, even though they had the word of God. All sinners were going to die because of our sins, but Jesus died for us, why don’t you trust in Him and live?

If we have a material blessing then we can share that with those who don’t. We should also share the Spiritual blessing that we have received, we have the Gospel and we should share it. If we see someone in need, physically or spiritually, we should share the blessings that we have. Jesus died for us and we should share that Good news, we should also help meet the physical needs of people. That will not get us into heaven, but we should still want to help others because Jesus helped us at the cross!

Praise the Lord that we have been saved from our sins, thank You Jesus for dying so that we could live. Thank the Lord that we have been able to share in the spiritual blessing of the Jews! Thank You Jesus!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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