The Sermon: Shame and Compassion

Hi, today the pastor preached on Mark 1:40-45 which talks about the leper who came to Jesus and asked Jesus to heal him. The pastor had 6 points:

1. Let (I’m going to change the word “let” to the word “ask”) Jesus go where no one else will go (ask Jesus to come into your heart and heal you just like the leper asked Jesus to heal him. Jesus went where no one else would go, he came close to the leper.)

2. Ask Jesus to do what no one else will do (ask Jesus to heal you, the leper asked Jesus to heal him and Jesus actually reached out and touched the leper, he did what no one else would do.)

3. Jesus is sufficient for your wholeness (Jesus is the only one who can make you whole and (if you accept Jesus as your sacrifice) He did make you whole just like how the leper was whole again).

4. Jesus removes our guilt and shame (Jesus died for us and he took our sins on Him at the cross, now we don’t have any guilt and shame. In the same way the leper came to the priest after Jesus told him to do so. The priest made the appropriate sacrifice by killing one bird (he did that and he also made the birds wings to look like he was hanging on the cross) and he dipped the other bird in the blood then in water and finally let it free with all of the lepers guilt and shame on it).

5. Jesus atones for our sin (Jesus atoned for our sins on the cross. The lepers leprosy was healed when Jesus healed him).

6. Jesus restores our relationship with God (Jesus restored our relationship with God on the cross when He died for our sins on the cross).

I hope you enjoyed it!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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