The sermon: children of God

Hi, today the pastor preached on Galatians 3:23-4:7 which talks about us becoming children of God.

The pastor had three Biblical illustrations to talk about different things.

1. Jacob and Esau: the pastor brought out Jacob and Esau where Jacob’s mom suggests that he get the blessing by clothing himself like his brother and by putting sheepskins on his arms so that he would be hairy like his brother. That is just like how we clothe ourselves with Christ and the Lord gives us a blessing because when He looks on us He sees Jesus our “older brother”.

2. Moses: the pastor used Moses as an example of how we are adopted into God’s family. Moses was taken in by the Pharaoh’s daughter. Moses was adopted into that life just like how we are adopted and become children of God by trusting in Jesus as our savior. We are adopted and become God’s children.

3. The queen of Sheba: the queen of Sheba had heard all about Solomon but when she came to Solomon she saw that all of his treasures were so much more than she had heard. She said that she hadn’t heard the half of it. We as Christians have heard about heaven and how wonderful it will be but when we get there we will be amazed. We won’t have heard the half of it.

That’s my summary and I hope you enjoyed it!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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