The sermon: obeying authority

Hi, today we stayed home from church and my brother preached the sermon:

In 1 Peter 2:13-17 we should submit to all authority. We also see this in Romans 13:1-4. The government is used, and instituted by God. The world mocks the government. If we submit to the government, we are examples to those who mock the government.

Now, in verse 16 of 1 Peter, we are free in Christ. We see this also in Romans 6:1-2. We should not use our freedom in God to sin, we also should not want to. In Christ we have died to sin. We are dead to it, and cleansed from it, and we only have our flesh to contend with.

We are to fear God, not treat Him like a friend, not like human to human, but servant to master, man to God.


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