Innocent blood avenged

Hi, God’s word for me today is in Joel 3:19-21 which says,

19 But Egypt will be desolate,
Edom a desert waste,
because of violence done to the people of Judah,
in whose land they shed innocent blood.
20 Judah will be inhabited forever
and Jerusalem through all generations.
21 Shall I leave their innocent blood unavenged?
No, I will not.”

   The LORD dwells in Zion!”

The Lord was going to avenge the innocent blood of His people. The Egyptians had shed the Israelites innocent blood and that was why the Lord was going to punish Egypt and so Judah’s land was always going to be inhabited and Egypt would be desolate. Innocent blood was shed and the Lord was going to avenge it.

The Lord avenged the innocent blood of the Israelites so wouldn’t you think that He would avenge the blood of anyone? That would only be fair, but in one case the innocent blood of a person became sinful blood because of us. You may ask yourself “how could that be, how could I make an innocent man become sinful?” and the truth is that it was the man Himself who took on our sins. He could have easily turned our sins away and made us take the penalty for our sins. But He didn’t do that, He took our sins on Himself and died on the cross. Who is this man? Well He actually isn’t only fully man, He was (and is) fully God and His name is Jesus who is the son of God (and God Himself). Jesus actually came down from heaven and took our sins (along with God’s wrath) on Himself so that we could live. Even though He Himself didn’t do anything wrong, He took our sins on Him and died for us.

We should accept Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins, His innocent blood was shed and the Lord looked away from Him because our sins were on Him. In God’s eyes we are covered by Jesus’ sacrifice and we are His son and our sin is in the grave. A perfect example of how Jesus’ blood covers over all of our sins is the mercy-seat, the mercy-seat had the blood of the sacrifice on it and the persons sins were under the mercy-seat, so when the Lord looked at it the sins were covered in the blood of the sacrifice. Just like how Jesus’ blood covers us so that we are clean, come to Jesus and be saved. We are saved because Jesus died for us and on the third day rose from the grave, our sins are still buried and gone but Jesus has risen from the dead and ascended to the father.

We should spread the good news! As Christians we should spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that Jesus came down from heaven and died for our sins (even though He Himself didn’t do anything wrong He still took our sins on Him) and after three days rose from the grave and ascended to the father (after appearing to many people) and is preparing a place for us along with mediating on our behalf. We should spread the good news and we should also encourage others in the Gospel and be encouraged in the Gospel. We should read our Bibles and pray to the Lord so that we can stay in contact with Him.

Thank You Jesus for coming down from heaven for us. Thank You Jesus for having your innocent blood shed with our sins on You so that we could live. Thank You Jesus for, on the third day, rising again and then ascending into heaven to mediate for us and to prepare a place for us. Praise God that Jesus loved us so much that He died for our sins. Thank You Jesus for everything that You did for us.

“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.” (NIV John 3:16)

Are you trusting in Jesus?

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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