The sermon: the four groups

Hi, today the pastor preached on Luke 23 and Mark 15 and the main verses that he used were on the death of Christ, here are the four groups:

1 Religious: the religious group trust in their religion, they think that because they say hail Mary three times and confess their sins to a priest then they will be saved. That isn’t true, you have to trust in Jesus to be saved, not just trust in a religion. People trust in religions because they don’t have to repent of their sins, but you have to repent of your sins and turn to Jesus who died for us on the cross. The pharisees at the cross were those religious people.

2 Scorners: Scorners are those who don’t trust in Christ and who scorn Christ. They are mockers who mock Jesus, they don’t accept Jesus as their savior. The religious group does believe in some God but the mockers are those who are atheist and who argue against the one true God. You have to trust in Jesus to be saved, you can’t just mock Him and that you don’t need as your savior, you should put your faith and trust in Jesus and He will save you. The first criminal that mocked Jesus was apart of this group.

3 Worldly: The worldly people are those who don’t care about Jesus and who just want to make a profit in this world. They can be close to Jesus or a church and they can even hear the Gospel but if they are focused on the world and what it has to offer they will shut their eyes and ears to the Gospel. They are focused on worldly things like money or a vacation or anything like that, the people in this group don’t care about Christ. The Romans who crucified Christ and who gambled for his garments to make a profit were apart of this group.

4 Believers: Believers are those who trust in Christ. Believers are saved by Jesus and they don’t focus on worldly things or religion and they are far away from mocking Christ. Like that song says, if we focus on Jesus then all the things of this world will grow strangely dim. We trust in Jesus and we are saved by Him. Thank You Jesus for coming down from heaven to let us trust in You and thank You for dying for our sins. The second criminal who asked Jesus to remember him when he came into His kingdom was apart of this group.

The pastor pointed out how he was glad that the criminal believed in Christ was the first to come to Christ because if Christ had chosen a king or a smart person then he would be afraid that Christ would not allow him into the kingdom and the reason that the pastor would have been afraid of that would be because (he was humble in saying this) that he was not smart or a king or anything like that. Thank You Jesus.

Are you trusting in Jesus?

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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