They do not realize

Hi, God’s word for me today is in Hosea 7:(part of)1-2 which says,

“They practice deceit,
thieves break into houses,
bandits rob in the streets;
2 but they do not realize
that I remember all their evil deeds.
Their sins engulf them;
they are always before me.”

These verses are talking about the Israelites. The Israelites were being bandits and thieves along with adulterers and idol-worshipers plus many more sins. But the ironic thing is that in chapter 6 the Israelites were saying that the Lord was going to heal them and restore them, but they were still sinning. The way that the Lord would forgive their sins and restore them would be by them repenting and offering sacrifices that would atone for their sins. The Lord saw their sins the whole time and He (the Lord) even says that the Israelites sins engulfed them and that their sins were always before Him (the Lord). Even if you think no one is watching you sin the Lord always is and we have to repent to be forgiven.

The Israelites were robbers and idol-worshipers plus adulterers prostitutes and who knows what else. But we can’t say about them “they were wicked and I can’t believe how they actually did all those things and thought that they would be saved” because there was a time (and some people are still living like this) when we thought that. We were sinning left and right and we weren’t ashamed and the whole time we thought that if we tried a little harder to be perfect we would live. But no we were going to die because of our sins, but the Lord did have mercy on us. Jesus (the son of God and God Himself) came down from heaven and died for our sins on the cross, we thought that if we worked a little bit harder or if we just sinned in secret we would get away with it but no, the only way for us to be free from sin is if we repent and turn to Jesus.

Jesus came down from heaven to die for our sins on the cross, even though we didn’t accept Him at first we came to realize that we were sinners that were under God’s wrath and the only way out was by Jesus. But what if you haven’t realized that yet, what if you are still under God’s wrath? What if you are like the Israelites? Then what you should do is run to Jesus, you should run to Jesus as your safe refuge as fast as you can. He died for your sins and those who haven’t accepted Him as their savior need to realize that they will die without Jesus, so why don’t you repent of your sins and come to Jesus. Dear heavenly father, thank You for providing a sacrifice for us, please come into my heart and forgive me of my sins. Please work in me so that I can become more like You, in Jesus’ name Amen.

If you are a Christian you need to realize one thing: that you can’t just sit around and keep sinning because you think that when Jesus died for you He died to give you a license to sin. No, Paul says in Romans that we are dead to our sins and that we cannot do something that we are dead to (Romans chapter 5 and 6). We should not just keep on sinning, what we should do is good works for Christ (although we aren’t saved by our good works), the Bible says that if we help those in need we will get crowns in heaven (but you shouldn’t do good works so that you can get a crown in heaven). We should also share the Gospel with those who need it, they will die in their sins if we don’t. The other thing that we do that should come as our response to the Gospel is worship. We should worship Christ, thank You Jesus.

Thank You Jesus for coming down from heaven to atone for our sins on the cross, thank you for taking away our sins and giving us your righteousness. Thank you for giving us your word so that we can know the Gospel and so that we can be instructed on how to live a Christian life. Thank You for giving up you whole life for us, and please help us to give up our time to help save other unbelievers.

Are you trusting in Jesus as your savior?

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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