Destroying the fields

Hi, God’s word for me today is in Hosea 5:7 which says,

“They are unfaithful to the LORD;
they give birth to illegitimate children.
When they celebrate their New Moon feasts,
he will devour[a] their field.”

The Israelites still hadn’t turned back to the Lord, and the latter part of this verse is part of the punishment that the Israelites got because they had (among other things) been unfaithful to the Lord and even had illegitimate children. The Israelites were sinning against the Lord and the Lord was punishing them for it, their sins were unacceptable to the Lord and that was the reason that he devoured their fields.

The Israelites were being punished for their sins and we were going to have the ultimate penalty for ours, death. We were going to die because we were born with our sins, but the Lord took pity on us and sent a perfect sacrifice to die for our sins. But this sacrifice wasn’t just any sacrifice, it was a perfect sacrifice and to be exact it was God’s own son. Jesus was (and is) perfect and He came down from heaven to die for our sins on the cross for our sins. Jesus actually came down from His home in heaven and died for our sins. Thank You Jesus.

Jesus came down from heaven so that we could live, if we don’t accept His sacrifice we are rejecting life. It is like a man in a pitch black pit with a covering over it and smooth walls. If that man saw the covering taken off and then heard a voice telling him that a rope had been lowered and that he just had to stand up and grab on to it, he wouldn’t call up to the person lowering the rope and say “no thanks, I can climb these walls just fine, and besides I like it down here”. The man might take some convincing to realize that the rope was actually there but if he realized that it was there and he had faith he would grab onto it and be pulled up to safety. When we hear that Christ has died for our sins we might need to realize that Jesus is much better than our sins but other than that we would hold on to Jesus. We should accept Jesus as our savior.

We should also praise Jesus for dying for our sins on the cross. Jesus came down from heaven and was our lifeline, we should accept Him and praise and thank Him. Thank You Jesus for coming down from Your home in heaven to die for sinners like us, to die for your enemies. Thank You Jesus for descending into the pit of sin, by taking our sins on You and giving us your righteousness, so that we could live. Praise God that we are saved by His grace and that we can live for Jesus. Thank You Jesus for all that you have done for us, especially dying for our sins.

Are you trusting in Jesus?

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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