The law of his God

Hi, God’s word for me today is in Daniel 6:5 which says,

“Finally these men said, “We will never find any basis for charges against this man Daniel unless it has something to do with the law of his God.”

You may remember that a man named Darius became the king when he took over the original king (Belshazzar), in this chapter we see that he has put a number of satraps and rulers up and one of those was Daniel. Daniel was trustworthy and he obeyed the king and he distinguished himself so much that the king planned to set him over the whole kingdom. Of course the other satraps and administrators were jealous and they wanted to kill Daniel, so they tricked the king into making a law that no one could bow or pray to anyone but him for thirty days but Daniel didn’t obey that, he couldn’t. So he was thrown into the lion’s den but he lived.

In the verse the satraps and administrators were talking about how they could get rid of Daniel. They soon found out that the only way would be to somehow get a law passed that was about Daniel’s God. They couldn’t find any basis of charge against Daniel because the Lord was with Him and He helped Daniel. Daniel trusted in the Lord when He was thrown into the lion’s den and because of it he lived. The Lord saved Daniel.

Daniel lived because the Lord sent an angel to rescue him. The Lord sent and angel to rescue Daniel and He sent His son to rescue us. We were sinners and we were going to die because of our sins, but the Lord sent His son who died in our place on the cross so that we could live. He was (and is) perfect and He perfectly atoned for our sins, thank You Jesus.

The Lord sent His son to die for us, and if we believe in Jesus and accept Him as our savior, the devil can’t find a fault in us. Neither can anyone else, because Jesus paid for our sins and He made us clean. As unbelievers we are covered with sin and shame but as believers that has been taken off and now we wear robes of righteousness.

Although we don’t accept Jesus as our savior and then just sit around doing nothing, we should read our Bibles and like Daniel no one should be able to find a fault in us. I’m not saying we have to be perfect on our own, what I am saying is that we should be like Christ and Jesus helps us to be more like Him by coming into our hearts and making us clean. We should also pray and read our Bibles and share the Gospel with others.

Thank You Jesus for making us clean. Praise Your name Jesus for coming down from heaven and dying for our sins, rising from the grave on the third day and for ascending into heaven to plead on our behalf. Thank You Jesus.

Are you trusting in Jesus as your wonderful savior?


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