The sermon: saying goodbye

Hello, today the pastor preached on Acts 20:28-38 on how Paul says goodbye to the Ephesian elders, and in those verses Paul is doing three things.

1. He’s saying goodbye

2. He’s warning the Ephesians

3. He’s encouraging them in grace

The pastor chose this passage because it was the last sermon he was going to preach to the congregation before he moved. He was saying goodbye like how Paul was saying goodbye. Paul told the Ephesians that this was the last time they would see his face (because Paul was going to die) and they said goodbye with “many tears”.

Also the way that Paul was warning the Ephesians was by telling them that wolves (false teachers) were going to spring up among them. Paul was telling them that they should be on their guard and that they should hold onto the Gospel so that they wouldn’t fall to false teachings.

The last thing He did was encourage them in grace. He encouraged them by committing them to God and the word of His grace or the Gospel. Paul was giving them to the Gospel so that they would hold onto it, so that instead of going to false teachings they would believe that Jesus died for our sins on the cross and he (Paul) was committing them so that they could get an inheritance.

Will Lohnes (the pastor) applied that to fountain of grace church (the church that he was leaving) and said goodbye, gave them an encouragement and gave them a warning.

I hope that you enjoyed my summary as much as I enjoyed the sermon.

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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