Breaking the yoke

Hi, God’s word for me today is in Ezekiel 30:18 which says,

“Dark will be the day at Tahpanhes
when I break the yoke of Egypt;
there her proud strength will come to an end.
She will be covered with clouds,
and her villages will go into captivity.”

Alright, in this verse the Lord is saying that He is going to destroy Egypt (like the verse that was in my post a few days ago). The reason that the Lord was going to destroy Egypt is because of her proud strength which really wasn’t strength at all because you can only be strong in the Lord. But the Egyptians still had proud strength, that was why the Lord was going to send the Babylonians and take Egypt captive, like He did with the Israelites. The whole reason that the Lord was going to destroy the Egyptians though was sin.

The Egyptians were going to be destroyed because of their sins, likewise we were going to die because of our sins. After Adam and Eve’s sin we were all sinners. The Lord can’t look upon sin so we were going to die unless there happened to be a perfect sacrifice that would be willing to die for our sins or unless we could become perfect we were going to die.

But that is why God sent a sacrifice that was perfect (and is perfect) and that would have all of God’s wrath and all of our sins on Him. So who was that sacrifice? That sacrifice was Jesus. Jesus who was (and is) the son of God, Jesus actually had all of His Fathers wrath on Himself, Jesus had His Father (God) turn His face away from Jesus. He had all of our sins on Him and He was mocked and spit upon, all for us. All so that we could live. But that’s not all, on the third day Jesus rose from the grave and then ascended into heaven make a place for us.

Jesus died for our sins on the cross, but why would He die for us? A good many places in the Bible talk about how Jesus loved us enough to die for us (1 John 4:10 1, John 3:16, John 3:16, John 13:34 etc) and that was why He died for us. He loved us so much that He died for our sins, we couldn’t have done anything that would make us right with God and we couldn’t offer Jesus anything of earthly value, but Jesus loved us so much that He died for us.

God looked away from His son Jesus at the cross, and Jesus did it so that God could look on us and welcome us as His children. Jesus changed our identity so now we are God’s children, thank you Jesus. But now we should praise Christ for everything that He has done for us, we should praise Him and worship Him but we should also spread the good news of the Gospel and help others to become God’s children too.

Are you trusting in Jesus as your savior?

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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