Today’s sermon

Hello, today the pastor had 3 points on the results of the Gospel, these are his points:

1. Unity

2. Redemption

3. A changed name

The way that unity comes from the cross is that no matter who we are, if we are Christians we have unity. The pastor used the example of a missionary that had gone to China, he said that the missionary had met a man that they called Daniel and even though Daniel was very different from the missionary they were able to fellowship together because they were both believers in Jesus Christ.

Redemption is also a result of the cross. In fact at the cross Jesus redeemed us by His blood. The pastor said that it didn’t matter how much we have sinned, Jesus’ blood still pays for our sins. The pastor also used the example of a coupon, you can use a coupon to redeem your money or to save money.

The way that a changed name is a result of the cross is that by Jesus’ death on the cross He changed our name to be the sons and daughters of God. Christ not only changed our name but He changed our whole entire being when He died on the cross.

Jesus died for our sins and paid the ransom for us and changed our name to be sons and daughters of God and now we have unity with each other, thank you Jesus.

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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