Blazing fire

Hi, God’s word for me today is in Ezekiel 20:47 which says,

47 “Say to the southern forest: ‘Hear the word of the LORD. This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I am about to set fire to you, and it will consume all your trees, both green and dry. The blazing flame will not be quenched, and every face from south to north will be scorched by it.”

The Lord had told Ezekiel to prophesy against the south (as a side note that does not mean that the southern people are bad in the way that we need to get rid of them because we don’t, this was just Ezekiel). This verse says that the whole southern forest would be burned and that every face from the south to the north would be scorched and this is all a picture of how because of the peoples sins they were going to be “scorched”. Sin was going to kill them.

Sin was going to kill us too. We had to be perfect in order for God to “look on us with favor” but because we were sinners we weren’t perfect and God had to destroy sin. Unless we had a perfect sacrifice that could atone for our sins, we were going to die. But of course there wasn’t a perfect sacrifice on earth and we were going to die. But that is what God had mercy on us and sent the sacrifice that atoned perfectly for our sins.

Jesus was that sacrifice. That’s right, Jesus who was and is the son of God (and God Himself) and He was the sacrifice that died for us. He died like a lamb to a slaughter. Jesus actually died for our sins on the cross, He actually came down from heaven to die for us. He was born of a virgin and was going to be killed by Herod but then an Angel warned Mary and Joseph and they moved. Then after He lived a perfect life He had an unjust trial at a kangaroo court and was beaten until you didn’t think He was a man. After that He was then sentenced for death on a cross even though He Himself hadn’t committed any crime. All of it was for us but don’t forget Jesus was buried but rose again on the third day then ascended into heaven to be with the father. Thank you Jesus.

But why would Jesus die for sinners like us? The answer is love. He loved us enough to die for us, clearly we weren’t perfect enough for Him to die for us and it wasn’t that we did anything for Him. Also we didn’t love Him first, He loved us and now we should love Him. We should worship Jesus, we should glorify Him, the Bible says that is what we were made for. It says that man was made to glorify God, and we shouldn’t only glorify Jesus but we should spread the good news of the Gospel to others.

The Israelites were going to be “scorched” because of their sins and we too were going to die, but Jesus took our sins on Himself and took our place on the cross because He loved us. Thank you Jesus.

Have you accepted Christ as your savior?

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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