Sermon the birth of Christ

Hi, today the pastor preached on Luke 2:22-39 which is just how Jesus was going to be presented at the temple, and how Simeon was praising Jesus and how Anna gave her prophecy on how Jesus was going to be the Messiah. And the pastor said that this doesn’t really happen every day. Sometimes someone will come up to your baby and ask if they can hold it and you say “sure” and all that, but Simeon picked up the baby and started talking about Him and then Anna says He is going to be the Messiah. So that was a bit strange for Mary and Joseph.

But how was Jesus our Messiah? I mean Anna and Simeon were old and they might have been making it up, so how do we know that Jesus was our Messiah? Well Jesus was our Messiah when He died on the cross! He was born of a virgin, and that is what most people celebrate on Christmas, but the only reason Jesus was born was so that He could die on the cross. It is about His death, not His birth. But why did He die for our sins? Because He loved us!

Anyway I know that the pastor said more I’m just having trouble remembering but I hope that you enjoyed the part of the sermon that I could remember.

And remember please that it isn’t about Jesus birth, and that it is about His death, because really His birth isn’t as important as His death. Don’t get me wrong, He couldn’t have died if He wasn’t born but His death is what saved all of our lives.

Are you trusting in Jesus as your atoning savior?

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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