Turn my face away

Hi, God’s word for me today is in Ezekiel 7:22 which says,

“I will turn my face away from the people,
and robbers will desecrate the place I treasure.
They will enter it and will defile it.” 

Alright, the Lord is turning His face away from the Israelites. And this verse says that robbers will desecrate the place that the Lord treasures. What is going on? The Israelites sinned, and the Lord was turning His face away from them because He can’t stand sin. And because of that the Lord is going to punish them by turning His face away from them. And because when the Lord turns His face away He isn’t living in the place that He (the Lord) treasured, robbers came and defiled it.

And we were going to die from our sins too. We were going to have the Lord turn His face away from us too. In fact every human being in the whole world was going to have that happen to them. Because we were sinners and animals weren’t perfect sacrifices we were going to die. But that is why Jesus died for us. Jesus is God, right? And God died for our sins? Yes and yes, Jesus did die for our sins, and He was (and is) God (and the son of God).

Jesus came down from heaven, was born of a virgin and lived a perfect life. Yes I said that every human being was going to have God’s wrath on them. But Jesus was not only a human, He was (and is) God too. So He lived a perfect life and He died for our sins! But how does that help us? If He just lived and died that wouldn’t do anything for us. Yes that would be true, but Jesus didn’t just live and die, He rose from the dead! But why did He do this for us? What did it accomplish?

The Israelites had the Lord’s face turn away from them. And we would have had that happen to us, but instead Jesus had it happen to Him. Jesus accomplished our freedom. The Bible says that God turned His face away from Jesus on the cross. Jesus died for us, and we should worship God because of it.

 Jesus died for our sins, and it is amazing that He did that for us. That the Lord of all creation and that the creator of the universe, would not only come down from heaven for us, but die for our sins. That He would take our sins on Him and that He would take our place on the cross!

Are you trusting in God’s amazing grace, the grace that sent His son to die for you and me?

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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