The sermon: Pursuing Christ

Hi, today the pastor preached on Luke 8-20 which is about the shepherds hearing that Jesus was going to be born. And how the shepherds told everyone about it.

And the pastor had 4 points which were:

  1. Christ is worth pursuing first
  2. Christ is worth pursuing fast
  3. Christ is worth pursuing faithfully
  4. Christ is worth pursuing foolishly

And the pastor talked on those points. and the reason we should pursue Christ first, fast, faithfully and foolishly is because that’s what Jesus did for us. Jesus died for us and He died and He died faithfully, He did die fast because if you were hung on a cross it usually took longer than a few hours for you to die. Also dying on a cross purposefully to save us from our sins seems foolish, but it was all to save us from our sins.

Anyway the pastor talked about  how the shepherds were just waiting around when one angel appeared, and they were scared because of that one angel, and the pastor said it was like that one angel snapped his fingers and a huge amount of angels appeared. But it was all to exclaim the death of Christ. And then the shepherds went immediately to see Christ. And the pastor said that when it says “and they told others about it” he wanted to know who it was. And after the pastor said it couldn’t be Jesus Himself and it couldn’t be Mary or Joseph he said it was probably the whole town, because the sheep were most likely following their shepherd and they were going through town at early morning so everyone would want to know what was going on, so the shepherds told them.

Anyway Jesus died for our sins and we need to pursue Him because of that. Because not only was Christ born but He died for our sins and rose from the dead.

That’s most of what I can remember from the sermon, I enjoyed the sermon and I hope you enjoyed by summary.


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