The sermon: Luke warm and what Jesus did

Hi, the sermon today was preached on 2 chapters: Galatians 3 and Revelation 3:14-22. And Galatians 3 is about how the Galatians thought they could work their way into heaven. Why? Because the Pharisees were saying “the gospel is great and everything but you also need to obey the law” and that was wrong.

So the pastor said that it isn’t about what we do but what Jesus did for us, which is dying on the cross. Because Jesus died for us we don’t have to obey the law. Jesus is our example and we have to follow Him but that isn’t to work our way into heaven.

Anyway the pastor also preached on Revelation 3:14-22. And those verses are about the church in Laodicea and how the christians there were luke-warm. And in verse 15 John says that the Laodicean christians were neither hot nor cold and he wished they were one or the other, why? Because he wanted them to be either cold and refreshing to him or hot to warm him up so to speak. But the Laodicean christians were neither.

The pastor also said that no one wants a luke-warm shower. You don’t just wake up in the morning and say “I really one a luke-warm shower, that would really hit the spot”. And the pastor said no one wants luke-warm coffee either, you don’t say ” I like my coffee black and luke warm. Just straight up and luke-warm”. So you either like your shower hot or for some reason cold but not luke warm. And usually you want your coffee hot, and that’s want John wanted the Laodicean christians to be, hot or cold.

So that’s what I can remember of the sermon, I hope you liked my summary.

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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