The day of vengeance

Hi, God’s word for me today is in Jeremiah 46:10 which says,

“But that day belongs to the Lord, the LORD Almighty—a day of vengeance, for vengeance on his foes. The sword will devour till it is satisfied, till it has quenched its thirst with blood. For the Lord, the LORD Almighty, will offer sacrifice in the land of the north by the River Euphrates.

This verse is talking about how the Lord was going to have a day of vengeance. And how His sword was going to”devour the Lords foes till it has quenched its thirst with blood”, and all of this doesn’t sound good. I mean the Lord having His day of vengeance and devouring His foes with the sword, for all we know “His foes” could be everyone.

Well actually everyone is the Lord’s foe. Why? Because we sin, that’s why. We sin and the law says that if you sin you die. Why do are we not all dead you ask. Well that’s where the Lord has His sacrifice. In the previous verse it says that “the Lord will offer sacrifice in the land of the north”. What is that supposed to mean? And why does the verse say “sacrifice” not “sacrifices” because you know the saying “if it’s worth doing it’s worth over doing”. So what does this all mean?

All of this verse is pointing forward to something! And it’s a clear picture of the cross! We were all the Lord’s foes because we sinned. So according to the law we couldn’t live (that’s us). And the Lord was going to offer sacrifice (that’s Jesus). We couldn’t live but Jesus died on the cross as our sacrifice to save us from our sins!

Jesus came down from Heaven and was our atoning sacrifice on the cross. But why would the son of God (although Jesus is God because Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit are 3 in 1) die? Because He is the son of God and if He’s perfect then He should be the only one that lives. And the answer to that question is that the Pharisees were very jealous and they made a plan to kill Jesus and “it worked” although Jesus could have stopped it at any moment and He was the one that let it happen.

So the only question remaining is, why would He do it? John answers that question.

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Jesus loved us so much that He died for us, thank you Jesus.

Are you trusting in Jesus as your savior?

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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