Turning from wicked ways

Hi, God’s word for me today is in Jeremiah 36:3 which says, ”

Perhaps when the people of Judah hear about every disaster I plan to inflict on them, each of them will turn from his wicked way; then I will forgive their wickedness and their sin.”

What this verse is saying is that when all of Judah heard every awful thing that would happen to them because of their evil ways, they would turn back to God and worship Him. But if  you finish the chapter some did realize it but the king of Judah burned the scroll. But anyway in this verse it also says that God would forgive their wickedness and their sins if they turned away from their evil ways. If you remember, to forgive all of their sins would be amazing and you needed a sacrifice for it plus after that you had to be perfect. Requirements that can’t be reached by any human being. Even though the Israelites had sacrifices they were hardly perfect.

But that is why God sent the ultimate sacrifice, one that would atone for all the sins of everyone. Who is this sacrifice? Jesus! Jesus died on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins. You might be asking yourself who Jesus is, so I’ll explain. Jesus is God (and He is also God because Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit are 3 in 1) and He came down from Heaven and was born of a virgin. He lived a perfect life but most importantly He died for our sins on the cross. And He was buried, but on the third day He rose again and after He appeared to thousands of people, He ascended into Heaven and is preparing a place for us.

Why would He do all this? Because He loves us!

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (NIV John 3:26)

God loved us so much (and He still does) that He poured out all of His wrath on His son so that we could be righteous. Jesus gave us His righteousness for our sins and God’s wrath, thank you Jesus.

It is amazing that Jesus would come down to earth to die for our sins. Jesus was and is the sacrifice that atoned for our sins. And because His blood is on us, in God’s eyes, we are perfect.

Are you saved by the one that came to save, Jesus?


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