The sermon Galatians 2

Hi, so we went to Penfield Community Church and the pastor did preach the gospel. And he preached on Galatians 2:1-6.

And in Galatians Paul is going to Jerusalem and he’s bringing Barnabas and Titus with him. And the pastor said they were going to something like a “board meeting”. And at the “board meeting” there was Paul and James and Peter and John and they all agreed to go to the Gentiles and then the Jews. And Paul says that some people had “infiltrated” their ranks to spy on the freedom they had in Christ and to bring the law.

These people had been under the law and still were under the law when Paul came. So the idea of freedom in Christ being so easy as having to believe in Him seemed to uncomplicated. The law was much more complicated because of all the rules and regulations and laws. So they brought the law into the church and they tried to put them in slavery to the law.

Because of the cross all believers have freedom in Christ, freedom from the law and things like that. But that doesn’t mean that we can live however we like. But that isn’t true because we have the “New Covenant law” which is Christ, Christ is our example.

Anyway the Pastor also brought out that the sin that we had on Christ would have been like if you stand in front of the Hoover dam, and if you saw that it was cracking and was going to break and then it did and all the water came rushing at you, then the impact that the water would have would be like what Christ had on the cross. Jesus had all of our sins and God’s wrath on Him, and that would be a lot worse than the Hoover dam on you.

Anyway Paul says that they didn’t give in to the law that these people were bringing in to them. It would be like you had been in the worst prison since you were a baby and then someday a man comes and takes your place, and you say no thanks I can be perfect and get out of this prison on my own. That would be ridicules, because you are giving up the freedom that you never had to try again to be perfect, and not succeed.

Anyway I enjoyed the sermon and I hope you enjoyed the summary of it.

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


One thought on “The sermon Galatians 2

  1. Christs primary message: love…in Word and in deed. “Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, all of your soul, all of your mind, and all of your strength…and thy neighbor as thyself”. In deed, “there is no greater love than a man lay his life down for his brother”. Sin (as the fruit of and as defined by the law) still focuses on “us”; love focuses first on Jesus and then on others. We shoudn’t be defined by what we don’t do, but rather on what we do…love, love, love! Thanks for a great post!

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