The sermon: forgiveness

Hi, the pastor preached today on Mathew 18:21-35 which is on how Peter asked how many times we are supposed to forgive our brother, and He asked if they were supposed to do it 7 times. And Jesus replied that they should forgive one another 7 x 70 times, and Jesus didn’t mean that we are supposed to forgive each other 490 times, we should forgive each other always.

Anyway the pastor preached on this passage and how we are supposed to forgive each other. He said that, like, in the case of the unforgiving servant, people have debts that they can’t pay. And instead of getting angry at them for not paying us, we should forgive them and cancel their debt, like God did at the cross. He forgave us of our sins and cancelled the incredible debt of sin that we couldn’t pay. He said that some people think that their going to be good and pay their debt of sin, but that is impossible and that is why Jesus died for us.

In Mathew 18 the servant who had been forgiven a great debt went out and told another servant who owed him only a few dollars to pay and the other servant begged for him to be patient with him and he would pay it back, but the servant refused and threw him in prison even though he had just been forgiven that tremendous debt. And once their master heard of that he threw him in prison until he could pay his debt and Jesus said that is what God will do to us if we don’t forgive each other.

God forgave us of our debt of sin and we need to forgive one another of anything they have done against us. Jesus died for our sins  on the cross so that we wouldn’t have to pay for all of our sins, to think that Jesus forgave us of every sin that we have ever done in our lives is amazing.

I enjoyed the sermon and I hope you enjoyed my summarized version of it, forgive one another.

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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