No pity or compassion?

Hi, God’s word for me today is in Jeremiah 13:14 which says, I will smash them on against the other, fathers and sons alike, declares the Lord. I will allow no pity or compassion to keep me from destroying them.”

That’s what God’s anger does. The Israelites had clearly sinned, and God was angry because of that. They offered sacrifices to baal and they started to become like the country’s around them and they didn’t obey God. And because God is a just God, He had no mercy, unless there was a sacrifice that was perfect and could take the punishment for their sins. They were the ones to endure the wrath of God.

Their sacrifices didn’t make a difference, they sacrificed to baal and they didn’t obey God. They didn’t have a perfect sacrifice to atone for them. But God they were looking forward to the one to come that would atone for everyone’s sins. And that someone is Jesus. Jesus atoned for all of our sins, He was and is the perfect sacrifice that saves all of us.

Instead of God pouring out His wrath on us with no pity or compassion, He poured it out on Jesus with no pity or compassion. Jesus to all of God’s wrath and our sins on Him, thank you Jesus.

Jesus was and is perfect and He took all of our sinfulness and gave us His righteousness and perfection. Because Jesus’ blood is spiritually covering us in God’s eyes we are perfect. Like I’ve said in previous posts we still sin but that is why Jesus died for us and the Holy Spirit is in us making us more like Jesus.

We don’t think that we can keep sinning because Jesus will forgive us, God is our Heavenly father and we have a relationship with Him. And sinning against anyone would be like sinning against Him, and the Holy Spirit is in us so we are becoming more like Jesus. He is helping us not to sin even though because of our flesh we all sin. We don’t sin habitually because Jesus is in us.

Are you trusting in Jesus?

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland.


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